"I've never been in such a welcoming environment that tries so hard to make everyone's experience as accepting and fun as possible. Some of my best memories were made at this camp and every second at this camp is a moment worth cherishing!" 
- Jeremy

"My overall camp experience was utterly fantastic. :-) I can't really describe it with words - how could one even begin to talk about the late nights, the companionship, the knowledge that the people around you were all amazing and alive?" 
- Jonna

"I Loved The Camp, it was a good time away from everyday life, and was full of fun people. I hope to go back next year." 

"On the last night, Jesse declared, emphatically, that we need to go to every ARGH from now on!" 
- Madeline

"As much as we love the natural beauty and setting, we go for the camaraderie and friendship. There is something special about the relaxed nature of ARGH...not a conference, but a little more than just hanging out. There is always something interesting popping up, someone's passion shared." 
- Mindy